Who We Are

Reliance ACO is a group of independent physicians in southeast Michigan and is not affiliated with any one medical system. Reliance ACO will work with other providers to ensure quality health for you and your family. We collaborate with many doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers that have decided to participate in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), working together to provide better, more coordinated health care.

When your doctor, health care provider, or hospital decides to coordinate with other physicians through an ACO, you’ll benefit because they will be part of a more coordinated team. They will work together to get you the right care at the right time in the right setting.

ACO Primary Contact
Dr. Nazmul Haque
Email: nhaque@aol.com
Phone: 248-722-1679

ACO Participants

  • Academic Internal Medicine Specialists, PLLC
  • Airport Family Physicians, PLC
  • Alan L Feldman, D.O., PC
  • Alliance Health of Mt. Clemens, PC
  • Alliance Health Professionals, PLLC
  • Alzohaili Medical Consultants, M.D., PC
  • Asadulla Mohammed, M.D., PC
  • Ascending Home Physicians, PC
  • Ashok Prasad, M.D., PC
  • Associated Physicians of Southeast Michigan, PC
  • Bloomfield Medical Center
  • Bruce Cassidy, D.O., PC
  • Cardiovascular Clinical Associates, PC
  • Chandrakant Desai, M.D.
  • Commerce Internal Medicine, PC
  • David Leszkowitz, D.O., PC
  • Dean Clinic PC
  • Detroit Medical Group, PLLC
  • E & G Medical Associates, PC
  • Edward Malinowski, M.D., PLC
  • Envision Medical group PLLC
  • Fikry F. Ibrahim, M.D., PC
  • George Nassif, M.D., PLLC
  • GI and Liver Disorder Specialist, PLLC
  • Gladstone A. Payton, D.O., PC
  • Hamtramck Medical Group, PC
  • Hartland Family Physicians, PC
  • Infinity Primary Care, LLC
  • Jay H Sandberg, D.O., PC
  • John M. Barnwell, M.D., PLLC
  • Kamal Ibrahim, PC
  • Kamran F. Sheikh, M.D., PC
  • Khalid Rao, M.D., PC
  • Lawrence M Dell, M.D., PC
  • Legacy Family Medicine, PC
  • M.D. House Calls, PLLC
  • Macomb Physicians Group, PLLC
  • Maheshkumar Patel, M.D.
  • Medical Associates, PC
  • Michael G. Taylor, M.D. PLC
  • Michelle Calhoun, D.O., PC
  • Michigan Neurology Associates, PC
  • Michigan Primary Care, PLLC
  • Michigan Primary Care, PLLC
  • Michigan Primary Care, PLLC
  • Michigan Respiratory and Sleep Physicians, PLLC
  • Monroe Medical Associates, LLC
  • Muksi, LLC
  • Nephron Associates, PC
  • Nizaamuddeen Toofanny, M.D. PLLC
  • North Valley Internal Medicine, PC
  • Nova Medica, PLLC
  • Nova Medica/Commerce
  • Premier Medicine, PC
  • Premier/Professional
  • Professional Medical Group, M.D., PC
  • Pulmonary and Internal Medicine Specialists, PC
  • Quadir Jaleel, M.D., PC
  • Quarry Physicians, PC
  • Raj & Associates, M.D., PC
  • Rochester Internists, PLLC
  • Sanjay Lakhani, M.D., PC
  • Sherwood Medical Center, PC
  • South Valley Internal Medicine, PC
  • Southfield Family Practice, PLLC
  • Superior Family Medicine Clinic, PC
  • Surinder Mendiratta, PLLC
  • Vinod Kohli, M.D., PC
  • Waterford Primary Health Services
  • Yeva Soskina, M.D.
  • Zohra Khan, M.D.

Participating Home Care Providers

Great Lakes Caring
900 Cooper Street
Jackson, MI 49202

Phone: 800-379-1600
(Dial above number and ask for “Intake”)

T.O.N.E Home Health Services Inc.
30701 Woodward Avenue – Suite 452
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Phone: 888-908-TONE
Contact/Intake: Zahabya Rasul

Governing Board of Directors

Name Board Designation
Opada Al-Zohaili Board Member, ACO Participant, Alzohaili Medical Consultants, M.D., PC
Neil Belgiano Treasurer, ACO Participant, North Valley Internal Medicine, PC
Lawrence Dell Board Member, ACO Participant, Lawrence M. Dell, M.D. PC
Fadi Demashkieh Board Member, ACO Participant, Rochester Internists, PLLC
Gordhan Diora Board Member, ACO Participant, Macomb Physicians Group, PLLC
Jerome Finkel Board Member, ACO Participant, Internal Medicine Associates of Mt. Clemens
Prakash Gandhi Board Member, ACO Participant, Raj & Associates, M.D., PC
Rasik Gandhi Board Member, Medicare Beneficiary
Amy Goldfaden Board Member, ACO Participant, Infinity Primary Care, LLC
Nazmul Haque CEO, ACO Participant, Bloomfield Medical Center, PLLC
Conrad Maitland Board Member, ACO Participant, Sherwood Medical Center, PC
Tedd March Board Member, ACO Participant, Monroe Medical Associates PC
Surinder Mendiratta Board Member, ACO Participant, Surinder Mendiratta PLLC
Asadulla Mohammed Board Member, ACO Participant, Asadulla Mohammed, M.D., PC
Mohammad Qazi Board Member
Khalid Rao Board Member, ACO Participant, Khalid Rao, M.D., PC
Michael Rosen Board Member, ACO Participant, Infinity Primary Care, LLC
Munzer Samad Board Member, ACO Participant, Muksi, LLC
Kamran Sheikh Board Member, ACO Participant, Kamran F. Sheikh, M.D., PC
Mohamed Siddique President
Athar Siddiqui Board Member, ACO Participant, Medical Associates, PC
David Steinberger Board Member, ACO Participant, Infinity Primary Care, LLC
Edwin Stone Board Member, ACO Participant, M.D. House Calls, PLLC
Nabil Suliman Board Member, ACO Participant, Premier Medicine, PC and Professional Medical Group, M.D., PC
Michael Taylor Board Member, ACO Participant, Michael G. Taylor, M.D. PLC
Tom Selznick Board Member, ACO Participant, Envision medical group, PLLC

Reliance ACO Committees & Key Leadership Personnel

CEO Dr. Nazmul Haque
President and Medical Director Dr. Mohamed Siddique
Regional Medical Director Dr. Jerome Finkel
Regional Medical Director Dr. Munzer Samad
Regional Medical Director Dr. Neil Belgiano
Compliance Director Lena Jefferson
Quality Committee Dr. Munzer Samad
IT Director Khalid Abdul
COO Gene Farber
Finance Director Bruce Feinberg
Legal Counsel Keith Soltis
Working together to provide better, more coordinated health care.